Feel like a person,
not a patient

Happy Bob turns your diabetes data into engaging experiences that help you keep your glucose in range while reducing your mental toll.

For healthcare professionals, Happy Bob enables new revenue streams while improving patients’ glycemic control.

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Fun interaction with real-time diabetes data

Look forward to your CGM readings and collect stars when you’re in range. Follow your progress as you earn stars to reach your daily target.

Receive notifications
to keep glucose stable

Get glucose values and trends on your phone and Apple Watch to know if you are heading in the right direction.

Community connection and support

Diabuddies are an essential part of glucose management. Create a group for you and your friends to encourage each other.

Better everyday life

Download your free trial of Happy Bob and experience how much better you can feel with a digital diabuddy on your side!

Our mission

We want to help people with diabetes to succeed in daily diabetes care by providing engaging and rewarding experiences for managing own health. We do this by combining gamification and real-time, personal health data available through sensors and wearables, creating a rewarding loop that turns diabetes management into opportunities of fun moments and better health.