Happy Bob turns diabetes management into rewarding and positive experiences

Our mission

We want to help people with diabetes to succeed in daily diabetes care by providing positive and rewarding experiences for managing own health. We do this by combining gamification, machine learning and real-time, personal health data available through sensors and wearables, creating a rewarding loop that turns diabetes management into opportunities of fun moments and better health.

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Available on iPhone and Apple Watch

Happy Bob App is now available in the App Store. If you use Dexcom or Nightscout and have an iPhone, download the app now to turn your diabetes data into rewarding experiences that help you keep blood sugar more stable.

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Positive approach motivates in self-care

“For me it’s fun for the comments or see how many stars I can get each day and seeing myself score points to stay in my range. Happy Bob helps to take a step back and remind myself not to take it all seriously – I’m after all not a pancreas and doing the best I can.” – Holly, US


Improved quality of life

“I love the simple interface. Happy Bob makes diabetes a little less stressful from day to day. I have found the positive reinforcement to help out with maintaining control in my daily blood sugars. It also just feels good to make Happy Bob… well, Happy. I find my self checking my blood sugar much more frequently and this helps with over all times in range.”  – Ed, US


Get tips and predictions

Happy Bob follows your blood sugar curve and notifies you with a personal message, if your sugar is low or too high. You also get a  personal prediction for your future blood sugar, which is calculated every five minutes based on your own historical CGM data.

Get snarky

For friendly insults, choose Snarky Bob mode and add a bit of humour to your everyday life with diabetes.

Set own targets

Set your own daily glucose targets and get rewarded when targets are met. Follow your progress and see how big percent of your days blood sugar stays within target and how you are doing now compared to the previous week.

"My blood sugar is low, and I feel like I failed. But then my Happy Bob notification pops up and says that my blood sugar is lower than a rapper’s pants. Then I laugh while I eat my fruit snacks."
Diabeticly Beautiful, Happy Bob user


How does it work?

Happy Bob reads your real-time CGM data and predicts your future blood sugar based on your CGM history. Keeping blood sugar within target let’s you collect stars, which can be used to track your progress.

How do I start using Happy Bob

If you have an iPhone and use Dexcom, Freestyle Libre with MiaoMiao or Nightscout, download the Happy Bob App in the app store and follow the registration process.