For the user

Important safety information


Happy Bob app is intended to provide a secondary display and a secondary notification system of continuous glucose monitoring on a suitable mobile device. Happy Bob app does not replace real time continuous glucose monitoring or standard home blood glucose monitoring.


Happy Bob is not intended to be used as an indication of actual treatment or dosing related to diabetes. Under no circumstances does Happy Bob issue medical therapy recommendations or medical advice of any kind. All decisions related to actual treatment should be made by users themselves or in consultation with their doctor.

Failure to understand and follow these restrictions could lead to serious injury or death.


Dosing decisions should not be made based on this device. The user should follow instructions on the continuous glucose monitoring system. This device is not intended to replace self-monitoring practices as advised by a physician.


For any medical decisions regarding user’s health, the user should consult with their doctor and use their primary Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM).
The users need to have their own Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), through which the continuous real-time data is displayed in the app.

Intended use

Happy Bob app is intended to be used as a secondary display for Dexcom CGM to notify the user of their CGM sensor glucose information in real time. The secondary display is intended for providing secondary notification of a continuous glucose monitoring system and does not replace primary real time continuous glucose monitoring or standard home blood glucose monitoring.

Intended users / special patient populations

Happy Bob is intended for T1 and T2 diabetes patients who want to monitor their glucose levels in a fun, gamified way. Younger patients should consult their parents when using the app, to make sure they understand the intended use of the application.

Adverse events

Happy Bob cannot guarantee that the defined target ranges are optimal for each individual user. Therefore always consult with your doctor to receive personalized treatment.