Our vision is to turn real-time health data into engaging, encouraging and rewarding experiences that help people with diabetes to live healthier, happier lives.

What we believe in

Let kids be kids

Even though diabetes is a serious condition, daily life with diabetes does not have to be. We want to design fun, user-friendly and engaging experiences for kids so they stay healthier and can have as normal, care-free life as possible.

Finding own motivation

People are different and motivated by different targets. Therefore, we let the kids and the parents set their own rewards and targets, which help motivating in daily diabetes care.

Being Data Driven

“What can’t be measured, can’t be improved” is especially true with diabetes. We leverage the real-time health data available through different sensors, turn personal health data into recommendations on actions and track the progress through the automated analytics,

Who we are

We are a small group of people with different backgrounds from gaming to diabetes research, who all have been touched by diabetes and what it is like for a child growing up. We strive to build Happy Bob into an experience that turns daily diabetes management into a rewarding and positive experience.

Our team

Jutta Haaramo

T1D mom—CEO

Lauri Heikkilä

Tech Lead

Sandro Ephrem

Machine Learning

Advisory Board

Tarek Nassar

Ph.D. Theoretical Physics
CEO Kirontech

Steve Crandall

Ph.D. in Particle Physics
Pixar Creative Advisory Board

Gregg Vesonder

Industry Professor
Director, Software Engineering Program
Director, Altorfer Design Studio Lab
Stevens Institute of Technology

"I’ve met so many children and teenagers with T1D and we are all so different. For some of us it works fine to get a lot of numbers and for some of us cgm doesn’t work because you overuse it and push yourself too hard.

With Happy Bob diabetes management is a bit more fun. The notifications are great! A fun way to say something serious. Brilliant!

I also like Bob’s face when the bg is low. It feels just like he knows exactly how it feels to be low."
Elin Cederbrant, Founder of Together Against Diabetes 1