User manual

Happy Bob is designed to help you monitor your blood sugar levels in a fun way. Happy Bob connects to your CGM and helps you monitor your blood sugar levels throughout the day while notifying you with personal messages. Keeping your blood sugar within the target range earns you stars. The purpose of Happy Bob is to motivate users in self-care by offering a rewarding and encouraging experience. 

Important. Do not use Happy Bob as a substitute for medical care, or interpret Bob’s messages as medical instructions. Happy Bob does not replace the primary CGM application.


Getting started with Dexcom CGM

Follow these steps when you are using the Happy Bob App for the first time. 

  1. Download Happy Bob App.
  2. Make sure your device is connected to the internet, Bluetooth is on and Share is enabled in the Dexcom App.
  3. Open the app and select your country. 
  4. Create account by entering your email address and name. This name will be displayed in the app.
  5. Choose your Diabetes type, Gender and Age group.
  6. To create account, confirm you have read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Notice and User Manual.
  7. Once your account is created, connect Happy Bob with your CGM:
    1. Add Dexcom username and password
    2. Select USA / International.

Using the App

Main view

Monitor your glucose levels real-time. Whenever you are within the target range, you earn stars. Keeping your sugar in the upper blue area, you earn a star every 5 minutes. Staying within the lower blue area earns you 2x stars. You can also view your past sugar data.

You can connect to Apple Health data to see your activity levels in the app as well.

In the main view you can:

  • Meet Bob! Bob’s expressions and messages change throughout the day according to your blood sugar levels. By tapping the text, you can  listen to the messages.
  • See the current glucose value and unit of measurement.
  • Access settings.
  • See your daily star amount and access scoreboard.



Go to settings, if you want to:

  • Change your target amount of stars per day.
  • Select whether you want to share your star scores with others on the scoreboard.
  • Change the blood sugar unit. 
  • Adjust your CGM settings.
  • Activate Snarky Bob. By turning Snarky Bob on, your personal messages will become more snarky. 
  • Delete your account. 



In the Scoreboard view, you can

  • See your personal statistics. 
  • Access daily high scores from this week.
  • See the Top daily scores from all users

Here are a few examples of Bob’s sayings.  

  • When sugar is too low, Bob turns purple
  • When sugar is in range, Bob is blue
  • When sugar is too high, Bob is yellow


Happy Bob notifications
If you have enabled notifications in the app, you will receive notifications from Happy Bob. If you experience any issues getting the notifications, check our FAQ for troubleshooting. 

Happy Bob sends notifications as follows:

Sugar is getting below range

  • Your sugar is between 72mg/dl and 89mg/dl (4,0 mmol/L and 4,9 mmol/L) and the CGM trend arrow points double down or single down

Sugar is below range

  • Your sugar is below 72mg/dl (4,0 mmol/L).

Sugar is getting above range

  • Your sugar is between 144mg/dl and 179mg/dl (8,0 mmol/L and 9,9 mmol/L) and the CGM trend arrow points single up or double up. 
  • Your sugar is between 180mg/dl and 197mg/dl (10,0mmol/l and 10,9 mmol/L) and the CGM trend arrow points steady, slight up, single up or double up.

Sugar is above range

  • Your sugar is 198mg/dl (11mmol/L) or more and the CGM trend arrow points steady, slight up, single up or double up.
  • Your sugar is 270mg/dl (15mmol/L) or more. 

Sugar is in range

  • Your sugar has been 120 minutes in range  (between 72mg/dl and 180mg/dl or 4mmol/L and 10 mmol/L). 

Morning notification

  • Bob sends you a morning notification to let you know how many stars you collected the previous day. 


Please note that Happy Bob does not replace real-time continuous glucose monitoring. For any medical decisions regarding your health, please consult with your doctor and use your Continuous glucose monitor (CGM).