User FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Verify you have entered the correct Dexcom credentials. You can check them by logging in with them to Dexcom portal at (US users) or (International users). Please note your Dexcom Username is not an email address.

2) Check that your Dexcom Username only contains numbers and letters. It seems that having any special characters in the Dexcom Username prevents the data sharing from working

3) Make sure Share is enabled in the Dexcom App. You can also try to invite yourself as a follower, as sometimes that seems to trigger the CGM connection to work.

4) Make sure you have a solid Internet connection on the phone running Happy Bob and Dexcom app.

Happy Bob does not have a follower app yet, but if you want to share your data with a parent, friend or a caregiver, they can create their own Happy Bob account and connect it with your CGM data.

At the moment you cannot set your own target ranges in Happy Bob. We will add this feature in the future.

Your CGM data is turned into stars you can collect.

Whenever your sugar is between 72 mg/dL (4 mmol/L) and 180 mg/dL (10 mmol/L), you collect stars.

If your sugar is between 72 mg/dL (4 mmol/L) and 126 mg/dL (7 mmol/L), you get double stars for every reading.

With the stars you can reach your daily star target. You can set your star target in Settings.

Happy Bob sends notifications in the following situations:

  • When your sugar is below 72 mg/dL.
  • When your sugar is between 72 mg/dL and 108 mg/dL but going down.
  • When your sugar is above 180 mg/dL.
  • When your sugar is between 144 mg/dL and 180 mg/dL but going up.
  • When your sugar has been between 72 mg/dL and 180 mg/dL for more than 120 min.

On iOS, check that you have enabled notifications from the app, and that you have installed the latest version from the App Store.

On Android there are a few reasons why you might not be receiving notifications.

1) Notifications are disabled on Happy Bob app. In the app, navigate to Settings → Notifications, and check that notifications are toggled on.

2) Notifications are disabled from Android system settings. On Android system settings, go to Settings → Apps → Happy Bob → Notifications, and check that notifications are enabled.

3) Your phone’s power saving features are shutting down Happy Bob in the background and block notifications from going through, or the notifications appear with a delay. Phones that can behave like this include devices from Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, One Plus, Vivo and Lenovo. You can fix this issue by disabling the battery saving options for Happy Bob. You can find the settings for this on your system settings, but the exact placement varies by manufacturer and Android version. Here listed are some common devices on newer Android versions.

Samsung devices: Go to Settings → Device Care or Device Maintenance → Battery → Optimize battery usage → Disable for Happy Bob app.

Huawei devices: Go to Settings → Battery → App launch → Happy Bob → Turn off “Manage all automatically”. In the following dialog, turn all the selections on.

If the issue still persists after checking all of these steps, or you’re having trouble finding the power saving options, please contact us at Also, if you notice you’re not receiving all notifications according to our notifications logic listed above, please let us know and we will investigate further.

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Here’s how to set up Happy Bob on your Apple Watch:
1. Open Watch App on your iPhone
2. Choose Happy Bob and select Show App on Apple Watch
3. Firmly press watch face, swipe to choose face, then customize
4. Swipe to edit the complications. Tap a complication to select it, then turn digital crown to change it. Press digital crown to save it.
5. Tap Happy Bob complication on the watch face to open Happy Bob App and to see the exact glucose level.

The Happy Bob iOS widget has a max number of times it can update per day based on Apple’s iOS widget guidelines. As a result, you may need to wait longer than 5 minutes for the widget to update. This should not impact the timing of the Happy Bob notifications.

We understand this may cause you an inconvenience. If you need to access your CGM data immediately we recommend opening the Happy Bob App or tapping on the widget to open the app and refresh the widget

If you want to join a clan or just ask a question from other users, please join our Happy Bob App Facebook group